"The next best hashing algorithm."

Steve Jobs

Try it.

Experience the speed, versatility, and security of MD6

"When I was in college, I wanted to be involved in things that would change the world."

Elon Musk

Ron Rivest, CEO

Our forward looking CEO is famous as one of the creaters of RSA, one of the most recognized assymetric encryption algorithms in the world.

With this new venture he's trying to revolutionize the security world once again.

Daniel Bailey

Daniel Bailey is one of the most forward looking person at our organisation. Always thinking out of the box and with an academic mind.

Yiqun Lisa Yin

One of our newest employee but already showing her potential. Always being active and making the workplace more enjoyable.

With her rich puzzle solving background she's a true asset to our team

Kermin Elliott Fleming

Our youngest researcher is already very known in his area of expertise: cloud computing. With his expertise we are able to thoroughly test our systems to power the next generation of computers.

Christopher Crutchfield

Mission critical is his mindset and you can notice that in the work he does. He is always striving to deliver the best results in an amazing time.

Asif Khan

As one of our lead researchers Khan excels in creating synergy whithin the team. Meanwhile he's able to work on the mathematics at a massive speed.